Oh yeah
In France a skinny man
Died of a big disease with a little name
By chance his girlfriend came across a needle
And soon she did the same

At home there are seventeen-year-old boys
And their idea of fun
Is being in a gang called The Disciples
High on crack, totin' a machine gun

Time Time

Hurricane Annie ripped the ceiling of a church
And killed everyone inside
U turn on the telly and every other story
Is tellin' U somebody died

Sister killed her baby cuz she could afford 2 feed it
And we're sending people 2 the moon
In September my cousin tried reefer 4 the very first time
Now he's doing horse, it's June

Times Times

It's silly, no? When a rocket ship explodes
And everybody still wants 2 fly

Some say a man ain't happy
Unless a man truly dies
Oh why

Time Time

Baby make a speech, Star Wars fly
Neighbors just shine it on
But if a night falls and a bomb falls
Will anybody see the dawn

Time Times

It's silly, no?
When a rocket blows
And everybody still wants 2 fly

Some say a man ain't happy truly
Until a man truly dies
Oh why, oh why

Sign O the Times

Time Time

Sign O the Times mess with your mind
Hurry before it's 2 late
Let's fall in love, get married, have a baby
We'll call him Nate... if it's a boy

Time Times

Prince - Sign O the Times

Passada uma série de dias, esta é a música, a letra, que não me sai da cabeça.

Tenho mesmo de parar de ver as notícias...

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Hipatia disse...

On : 9/21/2004 10:36:27 AM cachucho (www) said:

Com tanta notícia sobre o aborto e gravidez e sexo, porque não uma música da madonna?


On : 9/21/2004 12:53:40 PM Hipatia (www) said:

Porque não gosto?